March 26, 2014 – DOT Update

Dear friends of Maverick Farms,

This is to update you on the current situation regarding Justus road, the NCDOT, and how it affects our farm.

Thanks to YOUR support, we have, so far, successfully negociated to keep the roads out of ourfarm fields. We can not thank you enough for your rallying of support around us — with your signatures on the petition, your letters to Tata, and your phone calls we have managed to work with the DOT to find a compromise.

Throughout the summer of 2013 and into the fall, we met with NCDOT engineers regarding the feasibility of building an alternative road on the mountain behind the farmhouse. This solution, while not perfect, is the best we could find considering the situation.

We are grateful to the engineers for taking the time to get to know our mountainside and consider multiple alternatives and we are especially grateful to Jim Henson for working with us throughout the entire process. Although we had hoped to have the plans drawn up by the end of 2013, these things seem to take a lot more time than expected.

Yesterday, March 5, 2014 we met with the site supervisor/engineer on the project and a right-of-way agent at the District office in Wilksboro. We met to discuss the final plans, discuss our stipulations, and what the next steps are.

The meeting went very well, if you consider there is going to be a huge gash up there on the mountain. The gash has been reduced as much as it can be and they have accepted most of our stipulations (though we are still negotiating on several). We have moved to next step of appraisal, writing up draft contracts for R/W acquisition and DOT construction, and placement of final survey  stakes. Nothing is signed, but are moving steadily ahead.

Thank you all for your continued support as we work to keep our working land feeding future generations.
–the maverick farmers