Maverick Farms in 2015

As the summer season kicks off, we are very pleased that things are in full-swing around the farm. The land is being worked with love and dedication, and each project has become independent. This transition is a great success–from the first day of Maverick Farms in 2004, our goal was to create sustainable projects that could run without depending on any single individual or group of people. The High Country CSA is now operated by the farmers who grow for it, under the non-profit umbrella of WAMY. FIG is run cooperatively by the people who farm there. Hillary and Worth are farming full time at Pine Trough Branch in Reidsville, NC. Tom Philpott is writing full-time for Mother Jones Magazine. Waxwing Farm is growing in the fields around the farmhouse, and the FIG Farm is home to Lively Up Farm, Octopus Garden, and Goldenrod Gardens, as well as a community garden space for new and landless farmers.

Our deepest thanks to all the many, many people who have worked at the farm over all the years. The land has been a constant source of inspiration and reinvention.

The ROAD. The three one-lane bridges and unpaved road that runs by the farmhouse and fields continues to be a major stress. We worked very closely with DOT engineers, our lawyer, community supporters, and the neighboring property owners throughout 2014 to find an alternate route for the road, and thought we had reached a compromise that would preserve almost all of the farmland. However, for reasons completely outside our control, this compromise collapsed. The DOT seems to be currently focused on the first bridge on Justus Road, on the adjacent property. We have been put into a holding pattern (now almost three full years), which has deeply affected our ability to make long-term land use decisions. It has also delayed much-needed maintenance on the buildings alongside the road and the fields. It has also already cost thousands of dollars in legal bills. We deeply appreciate the support we have received over the past years–it is absolutely clear that without community support, we would not have been able to prevent the DOT’s initial push to destroy the fields.The road issue is on-going, and we will provide an update as soon as we get additional information.

For now, this website will serve as an archive for Maverick Farms projects and will be infrequently updated. Please check out the websites for each individual project to stay up-to-date, and email for additional information. Thank you!