2016 – A year of growing, changing, and planning

The farm projects continue to grow and thrive in their independence. The HC-CSA moved under the umbrella of local non-profit Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture. Matt Cooper of Lively Up Farm continues to take the lead at the farmer incubator FIG Farm in Valle Crucis, while Kathleen Petermann (joined by Frankie Mangogna) manages Waxwing Farm between the old Maverick farmhouse and the FIG Farm. Octopus Gardens and Goldenrod Gardens are also sharing the FIG land, along with a couple other collaborators. A great success was the installation of a 3.3kW solar panel on the FIG barn,  built by Collaborative Solar in conjunction with Appalachian State’s ACT office, taking the FIG farm off the grid!


In June 2016, we spoke with Jacob Bryant (DOT right-of-way) and found out he is no longer involved. It is back to District Office (Olivia Turkingham) who will be meeting with the Justus Road Committee and several property owners. As of now, requirements for road improvement and/or bonding have not been met. If they are not, then the road project ceases and it moves to the bridge improvement department. Turkingham did not know if that means we are back to the condemnation threat we had in 2013.

We find it hopeful that she had no answer to this question, but we are taking this as a temporary breather from the DOT, at best.


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