About the Maverick Farmers+Farmhands

Maverick Farms was founded on April 1, 2004 by Alice Brooke and Hillary Wilson, Tom Philpott, Sara Safransky, and Leo Gaev, taking over the original Springhouse Farm, run by Bill Wilson with Carolyn Ashburn for over 30 years. Like every farm, it has reinvented itself anew each year, with responsibility for day-to-day operations switching hands many times over the years. In 2014, the core projects of the High Country CSA and the FIG Farm became independent. HC-CSA is now managed by Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture.

FIG Farm took over the Maverick Farms non-profit, and is managed by Matt Cooper.

2013 Board of Directors

Christof den Biggelaar, Franya Huchins, Tom Philpott, Hana Crouch, Margaret Trosper, Dana Powell

2013 Advisory Committee

Matt Cooper, Hillary Wilson, Alice Brooke Wilson, Andrea Capua, Jim Hamilton, Patty Crosswell

Tax Information

Below is tax documents and organizational information. If you need additional information, please send an email to maverickfarmsnc@gmail.com.

990 – 2008

990 – 2009

990 – 2010

990 – 2011

990 – 2012

990 – 2013

501(c)3 determination letter (2007)

Co-creators and Farmhands

-This list is the *beginning* of a long-overdue wall of fame — PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL or post a comment (with the year you worked at the farm, and any other names of people who worked with you) TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST (we’re talking to you, French Vincent! and all the other great volunteers, WOOFers and farmhands over the years). Some of the key early people may still wish to remain nameless (such as: if you are the person who built the first website and would like to be named, we’d love to recognize you).

Our parents and their partners all contributed immeasurably — big thanks to everyone! Bettie Morris has been a benefactor.

When we first started in 2004, we depended on help from Valle Crucis farmer Charles Church. We were heartbroken when he passed away on April 28, 2013. His spirit lives on in the farms of Valle Crucis.

We could not have made it through the years without the help of Sugar Grove community members Patty Crosswell and Victor. We were also very grateful for the support of the Valle Crucis Episcopal Mission.

Catz Cullers has been our construction guru and all-around handyman over all these years, keeping things patched together around the farm, taking over for David Trosper. The Harrison brothers have also contributed their fantastic plumbing and roofing skills many times.

Ira Murfin (founding board member!) 2004

All the folks on the Warren Wilson College weekend workcrews 2004-2008

the Moomaw boys for helping with the lawn 2004-2006

Aaron Kahn 2005

Brian Jones 2005

Francesca Hyatt (first farmhand!) 2005

Meg 2005

Matt Parks 2005

Anna 2005

Brian Dred 2005

Hana Crouch 2005 (Hana has stayed involved over all the years, and we have loads of gratitude to her father Fred Crouch for help with numerous construction projects over the years)

John (the first long-term Woofer/Woofer extraordinaire)

Charlotte Saenz 2005


Brooks McGowin 2006

Alyssa Sacora neé Rudolf 2006-2009

Holly Whitesides 2006

Tamara McNaughten (thanks for helping design the FIG concept!) 2007

Angie Pate 2008 (thanks for working with NROG and helping with the first HC-CSA production schedule!)

Jesse Downs 2008

Shannon Waldron 2008

All the wonderful, patient HC-CSA Coordinators: Franya Hutchins helped start it, 2009-2011, Gina 2001, Michal Duffy 2012, Elliot Rhodes 2013-2014 transition to WAMY

Tess Pendergrast 2008 (with many subsequent homecomings!)

Maverick Mondays crew: Corinne Manning

Thomas 2010

Rebecca Anne 2011

Katelyn Melvin 2011

Maddy Parks 2012

Sydney Williams 2012

Ted Morée and Kelly Bones 2011-2012

Worth Kimmel 2012-2013

and the fabulous Kathleen Petermann and Waxwing Farm picked up the reigns in 2014!!

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